Rennman Services

Trailer Driver

Trailer Drivers are the backbone of any logistics business and one of the most in demand jobs in Europe. There is a global shortage of trailer drivers which leaves transportation a challenging task for firms and enterprises. Our dedicated logistic staffing service at Rennman can easily source trained expert drivers whose experience and skills are thoroughly scrutinized before assigning them for your logistic operations. Our network of drivers is best in terms of reliability and productivity.

If you are a skilled driver looking for opportunities abroad, our unique sourcing model can easily connect you with careers that offer attractive wages and allowance after assessing your performance. Compliance with truck driving regulations and rules, good knowledge of the vehicle and driver-assist equipment like GPS, board computers and AV units, route planning, timely delivery of goods, crisis management and quick redressals are expected from your part.

Pipe Fitters

Pipefitting and plumbing jobs are growing at an exponential rate. At present, there aren’t enough pipefitters in the field to address the demand of the booming industry which requires skilled manpower to sustain it. Leave the challenging task of recruiting talent to us and find the best-fit workforce with Rennman as per your business requirements and setting, be it – domestic, industry or construction.

Join with us if you are an experienced pipefitter and land yourself a job in the leading contracting and construction companies around the globe. Pipe fitters have a remarkable earning potential with occasional overtime wages and career advancements combined with excellent benefits and allowances. Core duties include blueprint analysis, cutting, assembling and installation of pipes, safety and functionality testing, handling of tools and equipment, repairing malfunctions and conducting quality control.


Welding ranks high in the list of skilled trades that are in consistent demand. Being a job that demands a high degree of competency and adaptability, hiring for this particular sector requires expert and ingenious consultancy. Rennman offers comprehensive assistance in hiring qualified welders after a thorough understanding of the client requirements. Scale up the productivity and efficiency of your firm with our workforce of high calibre.

If you are a welder looking for jobs abroad, get registered in our database and we can easily pair you up with healthy work environments that don't compromise on safety and security. Welders enjoy rewarding careers with ample opportunities to explore, learn and grow. Patience, attention to detail, layout planning, blueprint analysis, knowledge of safety standards and procedures, flaw detection skills, in depth understanding of heavy machinery, tools and metals are prerequisite for the job.

CNC Operators

While modern CNC equipment is designed to automate operations that were formerly handled manually by technicians, it does not imply that human operators are reduced to nothing more than low-skilled button pushers. At Rennman, we provide quality manpower for your specific manufacturing skill requisites. Our candidates are extensively screened and deemed fit for the role before matching them with your enterprise.

If you are an experienced CNC Operator in pursuit of a job, enroll yourself at Rennman and receive our comprehensive support in finding the right career that suits your profile and skill set. Mechanical and mathematical aptitude, a keen eye for detail, basic understanding of computer programming and software, strong problem solving and multi-tasking skills are indispensable for the job.